Issue 06
Sep 2015

Creative Direction
Design Direction
Graphic Design

Blanck is a digital Pan-African Fashion and Lifestyle magazine. It showcases some of entertainment and culture. It paints a positive light on the achievements of the best Africa has to offer in fashion, Africans at home and in the diaspora and showcases their contributions to current society. Blanck magazine is a life style brand that seeks to replicate/represent the actual thought processes and mannerisms of the modern African through literary interests from fashion, Arts, Culture, music, film and topical issues using digital media platform. WeHelp aim to celebrate everything creative, from fashion to beauty, celebrity news, entertainment, technology, arts and culture. The Blanck content is focused on topical issues, fashion editorials, features and images aimed at celebrating and informing people about the current creative talent emerging from the continent. Blanck also prides itself on strong imagery in editorial fashion and portraiture, which is used to showcase the work of amazing teams of Photographers, Stylists, Makeup artists and Art directors. Blanck readership is for the discerning Afropolitan with an interest in African Fashion, culture and lifestyle. Blanck is something eternal, something nostalgic yet contemporary. With an in-depth editorial identity that smoothly blends the past with the present, each issue of the publication explores its subjects from various viewpoints.We aim to introduce our readers to ground breaking people and ideas that will influence industry trends.