Catarina de Queirós is a Portuguese Graphic and Motion Designer based in London. Since her early days, she felt a strong connection with the visual arts, exploring and combining both analogue and digital media. Experimenting with a panoply of original techniques and materials led to her adopting distinct forms of expression and new ways to understand and depict a wide range of subjects.

She began her career developing branding and design for musicians and music events. Working very closely with artists has had a great influence on her development as a creative designer. She is continuously looking for concepts that can potentially disrupt the conventional and bring to the audience sensorial stimulation.

Catarina works with a wide range of clients and methodologies. She has worked on projects from idea generation, direction and concept, to the final production.

She has worked for one of the world’s largest media agencies and for the global advertising agency of the year 2018, where she honed her professional skills. Generating in a fast-paced environment, with short deadlines, refined her technique.

With good communication skills, she sees Design as a tool to translate her ideas and apply them.

Catarina is persistent, meticulous and versatile by nature. With a sociable personality, she loves to work as part of a team but equally able to work on her own.

Please feel free to get in touch, if you have any further questions.

Catarina de Queirós
+44 (0) 776 321 3666